Post Traumatic Press

We are a small independent press founded in 2000.

Our original mission: to give voices to veterans

and noncombatants whose lives have been

affected by the trauma of war.


We have since expanded to include other work.



The latest from Post Traumatic Press:


Voice Lesson by Sharon Israel

“Sharon Israel’s “Type Triple A” is a poetic Mobius

strip whose title, meaning, and sound all curve back

on each other to create a beautiful effect.”

-- Ken S, Editor, SPANK the CARP

The Edge of Sleep by Leslie Gerber

"You show how the poet can disappear into the poem.

A neat trick."

--Billy Collins (on "The Edge of Sleep")


The Mathematics of Disengagement by Susan Hoover


"At first, one is challenged and moved by her juztapositions

and examinations of language, which are often dazzling,

 often beautiful – ‘no harness string enough / to hold you

 in the / blasphemy of / check’ or ‘lighting the way for all /

 the fine lines of / exhale.’ On almost every page one sees,

hears and feels these idiosyncratic, off-kilter pieces…

These poems are so strong they hurt.”

--Jason Shinder author of three books of poetry

 and the founder of the YMCA National Writer's Voice.


Postcards from America by Judith Kerman

"Judith Kerman writes with substance, a wholesome acceptance

of an imperfect world, oneself included.  Her poems are an

admirable reality-check for all of us."

--Diane Wakoski


Third edition of Kind by Gretchen Primack