Post Traumatic Press

Eve's Venom

by Mike Jurkovic

“Mike is an outstanding editor who makes both his journalism and creative writing equally concise, readable, and always leaves you wishing the piece was longer.”
- David Amram, Author, Musician, Composer, Conductor
“He’s the mad house jester whose jabs jolt and sting. As one poem puts it, “gravity gets us all,” which is as serious as it gets.  Enjoy this work, it is original and a pleasure to read.”
- Guy Reed, Poet, The Effort to Hold Light 
“Mike’s vigorous love for life and language shimmers throughout. By turns ironic, intimate and inspiring, his poems are full of “the words we use to shorten the distance between us”. How adept he is at finding them. How enriched we feel when he shares them with us.”
- Irene O’Garden, Playwright, Poet, Author
“Muscular, mordantly funny phrases that stick in the imagination like burs.”
- Nina Shengold, -Chronogram

“An old school, let ‘er rip free spirit whose brisk voice does the poet’s job: shaking up the reader’s gray matter.” - Phil Wagner, Iconoclast

“His poems are immediately seizing. Some gallop, others trot, all stride with great confidence and the particular pleasure of one who, having been there, has transformed the experience memorably to the page.”
- Saul Bennett, Harpo Marx At Prayer, New Fields and Other Stones

Copyright: Mike Jurkovic
Published: Nov -0001 First Edition
ISBN: ISBN-10: 0989022927
Language: English
Publisher: Post Traumatic Press
Interior Ink: Black & white
Page Count: 40
Dimensions: 5.50 in. wide X 8.50 in. tall
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