Post Traumatic Press

The Others

by Alison Koffler


   “Alison Koffler’s is a poetry not only of honed, pure looking, which is impressive enough, but of really seeing, which is even more so. Koffler has, as Albert Schweitzer urged, ‘extend(ed) the circle of compassion to all living things,’ and what results is such powerful poetry:  Humor, music, astuteness, imagination, and compassion are here in equal, glorious measure”.

--Gretchen Primack is the author of The Slow Creaking of Planets (Finishing Line 2007), Kind (Post-Traumatic Press 2013) and the forthcoming Doris' Red Spaces (Mayapple 2014). She co-wrote The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals with Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary co-founder Jenny Brown (Penguin Avery 2012).

   "Dogs, wolves, beasts of the low country and the blazing stars: Alison Koffler finds her grounding as a human being through encounters with other animals wild and tame. In the Bronx, she's a nature poet. In the Catskills, she adds a streak of William Blake. In all her poems she has the patience and the modesty of a gifted observer who slips us closer to the mysteries that enlarge life. She's also a good friend. I've had the pleasure of watching these poems develop over several years; now I get to hold them as honed and crafted treasures in my hands. We all have an animal soul usually hidden to us by our blabbering culture and busy times. Let Alison Koffler's poems take a moment to introduce you to your other self. The beasts are holding your place for you."

--Will Nixon is the author of two books of poetry, Love in the City of Grudges (FootHills Publishing 2010) and My Late Mother as a Ruffed Grouse (FootHills Publishing 2009) and co-authored with Michael Perkins, Walking Woodstock (Bushwhack Books, 2009) and The Pocket Guide to Woodstock (Bushwhack Books, 2012).

Copyright: Alison Koffler
Published: Aug 2013 First Edition
Language: English
Publisher: Post Traumatic Press
Interior Ink: Black & white
Page Count: 32
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