Post Traumatic Press

The Mathematics of Disengagement

by Susan Hoover

“For those of us privileged to know her, Susan Hoover’s poems are a reflection of the woman herself. Intelligent, highly charged, funny, understated, passionate, proud, self-effacing, daring, joyful, logical, and heartrending. Don’t enter these poems lightly; they won’t forgive even a flicker of inattention.  Hoover is a top shelf poet; do whatever it takes to make room for these gorgeous poems, they reward both heart and head.”
 - Angelo Verga, author of six poetry collections, and curator of Literary Events at the legendary Cornelia Street Café.
“A commanding three-part mathematical poetic masterpiece of intimate musical delicacy with surprising twists that land you in the light of fiction and truth/on rough seas/among swimming words/and the sparkling light of fiction and truth/with the fragility of glass and the charred edges of repercussion/flipping coins with the devil/dodging the wreckage of life/falling axes/and edges/lines/and angles shift and reclaim themselves in the strong shadow of the sun.”
-Bruce Weber, author of Poetic Justice (Ikon Press)


Copyright: Susan Hoover
Published: Jul 2016 First
ISBN: 978-0-9890229-6-5
Language: English
Publisher: Post Traumatic Press
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Page Count: 78
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