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Post Traumatic Press 2007

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Soldier-poet contributors: Camillo “Mac” Bica, Richard Boes, Thomas Brinson, Michael Embrich, Michael Gillen, Marc Levy, Bob Lusk, Gerald McCarthy, Jim Murphy, Fred Nagel, Ron Thompson, Robert “Tack” Trostle, Jose Vasquez, Jay Wenk, Dan Wilcox, Sam Weinreb and Larry Winters.
“This handsome collection of poems by veterans of World War II and the Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq Wars is living testament to the ongoing consequences of the greatest of human follies. Poetry will almost certainly not put an end to war, but these poems are proof that it can offer strength, resilience, and purpose to at least some of war’s survivors.”

—W. D. Ehrhart, editor, Carrying the Darkness: The Poetry of the Vietnam War.”


Copyright: Individual author
Published: May 2008 Second Edition
Language: English
Publisher: Post Traumatic Press
Interior Ink: Black & white
Page Count: 68
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